Summer 2017: Biarritz, France

The summer of 2017 was a good one. Especially on the La Côte des Basques, where Steve Veytia and Pierre Arosteguy, co-owners of Coeur Clémentine are headquartered. But, then again, that’s not surprising given the ingredients: an influx of beachgoers, endless sunlight and till-midnight beach days. And, generously poured throughout, bottles of award-winning rosé…

Each turn of the tide and gathering of friends was an opportunity to explore a new sun-soaked corner of beach, a new restaurant or an old favorite. Clémentine seemed to be everywhere. This, again, was not surprising given the growth in popularity enjoyed by both the region and the label.

Clémentine offers fresh and diverse options both for those to whom rosé is new, and for the experienced. At dining tables indoors, outdoors and seaside we enjoyed seeing Clémentine in the hands of diners, sommeliers, and even bartenders enthusiastically concocting refreshing, effervescent spritzes. We’ve truly seen the label become more than just another bottle of wine. It is increasingly an accoutrement to summertime’s social and gustatory revelry.

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